• Pre-painting or film-lamination of sheet metal
  • Protective foliation, crosswise or lengthwise cutting, embossing of coated sheet metal
  • Wide range of colours
  • Custom coating


  • Production of alloys and master alloys of Aluminium and Copper
  • Recycling of non-ferrous metals based on Aluminium and Copper


  • Processing of hot-dip galvanized, cold-rolled and aluminium sheets
  • Crosswise and lengthwise cutting of coils
  • Custom cutting


  • Production of reinforcing window, plasterboard or welded profiles from hot-dip galvanized strips 

Střechy Comax

  • výroba profilů pro sekční vrata
  • výroba výztužných okenních, sádrokartonových a svařovaných profilů (jekly, trubky)
  • výroba speciálních profilů

    Steel Service Centres


    The cutting centre situated at the Komerční park MTC Kolín (Commercial Part MTC Kolín) processes steel and zinc-coated sheets in rolls in width up to 1,600 mm and thickness of 0.40 – 3.0 mm to sheets (plates) with length up to 4,000 mm and tapes with width from 21 mm. The centre is situated on an area of approx. 12,000 m², with an expedition hall with utility area of 5,200 m² and an additional 3,000 m² apron. Thanks to a wide range of warehouse stock, reaching up to 10,000 tons of rolls in the season, the cutting centre is able to satisfy customer requirements practically immediately with the possibility to supply the packaging upon request.

    The centre also cuts material supplied by the customer. New up-to-date cutting lines with extended production parameters and high cutting accuracy have very low length as well as width tolerances and satisfy the most exacting customers.

    The production is secured by 2 longitudinal and 2 lateral cutting lines.


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    The natural aluminium cutting centre is a part of the production facility in Velvary.

    We offer lateral as well as longitudinal cut rolls with width ranging from 300 up to 1,550 mm and thickness ranging from 0.3 up to 4.0 mm. Sheet length max. 6,000 mm, tape width from 25 mm according to the customer's requirements. We also process material supplied by the customer.

    The production is secured by 1 longitudinal and 1 lateral cutting line and 1 embossing line.

    The production process is managed by the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 systems.